Wootinhille Terriers

                                     Wootinhille Terriers Contract

Seller:                                                Buyer:
Susan Hawkins
110 Old Landing Rd                                                             
Owenton  Ky  40359                                                              

This agreement, between Buyer and Seller, hereinabove named, lists the terms of a           transaction for the sale
of the below captioned animal:

Breed:Airedale Terrier
Registered Name:Registration Number:
Color:Black and Tan
Date of Birth:
               Price Paid for Animal       Six Hundred Dollars and No Cents
This animal is hereinafter referred to as
Terms and Conditions:



The Seller agrees to supply the buyer with an AKC registration form for the said               puppy.
The Buyer agrees to have the terrier examined by a vet within fourty-eight hours, at          their expense, if they have
any concerns regarding the health of the animal.

The Seller guarantees that the terrier is free from congenital or hereditary defects             for a period of twenty four
months. Should the terrier develop a congenital or hereditary defect he/she will be            replaced with a mutually agreeable dog from the next litter at no cost to the buyer.          Determination of said defect is to be the unanimous  opinion of two independent              veternarians. The cost of the examinations to be carried by the buyer. The terrier             must be returned to the seller accompanied by the two vet certificates certifying              the defect.

The Buyer agrees to provide a safe environment for the terrier and to routinely                  provide veternarian
examinations, vaccinations and heartworm preventative.

If for any reason the buyer is not able to keep the animal, the buyer agrees to notify         Wootinhille Terriers, who will assist in finding a suitable home for the terrier.

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